2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year! 2016 is looking good in the horizon. I'm obviously only saying that now because it's still January. And this means it's time for New Year's Resolutions!

Nah, I'll keep it short.

1. Write entries more often. Especially now that I am moving back to Austria, I was thinking of combining "diary" entires about my experiences there and movie and book reviews, which I have stopped doing lately because I keep my reviews on Goodreads.

2. Read more. Speaking of Goodreads, I'm taking the Reading Challenge again this year, only this time I set my goal at 40 books. Should I include manga and comics in there, I might raise the number.

You knew this one was coming.

3. DANCE, you fools! No, seriously, I need to take dancing lessons again.

4. Save money to travel. And I have a loooong list of destinations.

Please don't ask me about babies again until 2020.

That's it. May 2016 be a great year.