New Year's Resolutions for 2015

Remember how 2013 seemed to never go away? 2014 went by so fast I still can't believe it's New Year's Eve again. It's been a much better year than 2013, no doubt. Here's a little summary:

January: Andi and I only made it to the end of the traditional "Cavalgada de Reis" in Barcelona (a parade that takes the Three Wise Men from the port of Barcelona to Plaça Espanya and involves music, dancing, and candy-throwing to the audience). We spent a night at a tree house near Sant Hilari Sacalm (Girona) before going back to Salzburg. And we started to watch Breaking Bad. Best idea ever.

February: I was supposed to meet Anna in Saarbrücken, but we didn't make it, so Andi and I went to Südtirol! There was all the snow that hadn't fallen on the Austrian side of the Alps. We stayed at a farm, 1000m above sea level, which had rooms for rent. We visited Brixen and Bolzano, as well as Innsbruck on the way back to Salzburg.

March: Andi and I started a salsa course! I honestly don't remember much about March except for the fact that it felt forever between the winter break (that is, the trip to Südtirol) and the Easter holiday. Also, second anniversary.

April: An intense month: we participated in the Orchester-Akademie-Projekt, in which Andi played the saxophone and I sung with the choir and as an improvised soloist. Then we drove to Barcelona - it was Andi's first Sant Jordi.

May: I turned 26 while Conchita Wurst won the Eurovision Song Contest (really, it was on my birthday). It was fun. My students graduated and thus ended my job at the AISS. The morning after I declared my hangover the worst of my 20s so far - waking up next to shame might have played a role.
And I applied for an Erasmus in Barcelona, as crazy as that sounds.

June: After buying the tickets impulsively in April, I travelled by train to Saarbrücken. Nothing has changed but it felt weird being there (ok, it does look a bit more cosmopolitan than it did 6 years ago). It was one of the lowest points of the year, surprisingly - as Plato put it, seeing the light for the first time when you leave the cavern hurts your eyes. Yeah, there's that...

July: I went to a wedding in Lungau (south of Salzburg), where I got to meet most of Andi's distant relatives (my début in society, more or less, haha) and I drove back to Barcelona through Tirol, Lietschenstein, Switzerland, Italy, and France (well, France is hard to avoid when driving to Barcelona). Also, there was the football world cup.

August: A summer in the library is not necessarily a summer well spent. I went to the beach one day but I didn't get to swim because it started to rain. Which was the weather in general: rain, rain, rain, not much heat. And I'm cool with that (pun not intended). The heat was stronger and more intense in Rome, though, which was the chosen destination for my first holiday with my in-laws. Also, a sort of miracle happened at the Festes de Gràcia.

September: The second part of the miracle happened. I made my first Erasmus friend in Barcelona. Andi came to Barcelona after the giant human "V" on September 11th, where we discovered that yellow might be a very reivindicative colour but it looks awful on me. And I went to my second bachelorette party ever because...

October: ...Alba and Germán got married! You know, when your friends start getting married and having kids it means shit got serious and we've reached that point in adulthood. Therefore, I decided it was time to put an end to a certain thing that had been bothering me for five years. And I started to learn Italian AND Dutch, because I'm an over-achiever.

November: An intense month: my choir won the second prize at the choir contest in Cocentaina (look it up, beautiful place -end of sarcasm-), we voted in the mock referendum for the independence of Catalonia, and I flew to Vienna and Salzburg for a week.

December: Another intense month full of music. I had what is probably going to be one of the most, if not the most, period, important concerts of my life. And I'm really happy. Actually, music has been a really important aspect of this year, and I hope (I'm sure) it will continue to be so.

Now, last year I also did the whole resolutions thing, but kept if shorter. Let's see how it went...

blue = "99% or 100% accomplished"
green = "well, kind of"
  red = "mission: impossible"
purple = "didn't even try"

  1. Go back to the weight I had when I was 18-20. Eh... Not really, but I have lost some weight.
  2. Finish as many of my uni courses as possible so that I can finish as soon as possible. Which is why I'm doing my Erasmus.
  3. Make more money. I did work a lot and did a loooot of tutoring hours.
  4. ... it's a secret ;) And it remains a secret. And I'll keep working for it in 2015. 

Overall, it's been a successful year and I'm definetely happy. Time, which I consider only a partial method of emotional healing, has put a lot of things in their respective places. I'm not going to make a list of purposes for 2015 because I don't really pay attention to those except around this time of the year.

So I wish you all a great 2015.