New Year's Resolutions

(in Bridget Jones's style)

  • quit eating chocolate between meals
  • lose those extra kilos
  • go do any type of physical activity other than running to catch the bus
  • study German and Russian seriously
  • stop falling in love with Daniel-Cleaver-type of guys
  • stop giving into temptation everytime I go to a bookshop
  • save up enough money to travel
  • hand in my translations for Farrés on time
  • learn to walk properly on high heels and not break a leg
  • take certain things -and people- less seriously
  • take certain other things -and maybe even people- more seriously
  • change my repertoire of CDs for the car
  • keep my room tidy for at least one week (in which I'm supposed to be living in the room: this doesn't apply to days I'm away)
  • write and draw more
  • go to the movies more often, or at least watch the DVDs we have at home
  • finish my degree without getting my psychological health damaged in the process
  • find a new aim for after my graduation

Bon any nou!
¡Feliz año nuevo!
Happy new year!
Bonne année!
Gutes neues Jahr!
с новий годом!