Top Ten Tuesday #13: Another Top Ten Literary Names I'd Give My Children

Because I'd clearly be the cruel kind of parent who wouldn't really give a damn that kids go to school and kids are cruel. Since last time I went with five per gender, it's the same in this entry so there are ten per gender. I hope that makes sense.


#1 Emma (from Jane Austen's Emma or Michael Ende's Jim Knopf series or Max Aub's De un tiempo a esta parte). Ok, this isn't that bad. It's actually in the top 10 most given names in many countries.

#2 Isla (from Isla and the Happily Ever After). Funny, because particually through an actual friend of mine whose name is Isla, I met my boyfriend. 

#3 Ada (from Irène Nemirovski's Les chiens et les loups or Lord Byron's daughter Ada Lovelace). Aren't you noticing a pattern here? Short, two-syllable names?

#4 Cecilia (from Ian McEwan's Atonement or Ann Patchett's Patron Saint of Liars). Maybe as a second name, but because Cecilia is the patron saint of musicians.

#5 Luna (from the Harry Potter series). Because she's awesome.


#6 Hector (from Homer's Illiad). The one decent guy in that book. 

#7 Daniel (from the Bridget Jones series or Carlos Ruiz Zafón's La sombra del viento). I seriously need to drop this two-syllable pattern.

#8 David (from Charles Dickens's David Copperfield). Even though there already is one in my family.

#9 Leo (like the English transliteration of Lev Tolstoi). This is a huge stretch and doesn't let me break the two-syllable thing, even though the Russian name is just one.

#10 Tom (short for Thomas, as in Thomas Mann or Thomas Moor). Dear God, how I've had to cheat with this one. Sorry, I was running out of ideas. But I broke the pattern!