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Sometimes this list of pending reviews gets way too long. Here it goes.

West Side Story

The musical version of Romeo and Juliet with awesome music by Leonard Bernstein. Set in New York City in the 1950s, it tells us the tragic love story of Tony and Maria. I never get tired of this musical. What do you mean you still haven't seen it? Go watch it. Now.

Singing in the Rain 

I think I had never seen this musical entirely before, so I decided to give it a go. It's so sweet and naif and cheesy that it makes you want to sing and dance along. It's worth watching it at least once in your life.

The Sound of Music

I had already seen it but I forced Andi to watch it with me because, apparently, most Austrians have never watched it (or so they claim). In spite of historical inaccuracies, the plot holes, and the unbearable cheesiness of it all, or even the fact that it's only sunny in Salzburg during the whole movie, which is a terrible lie, it's still a classic and the songs are nice.


Finally I've watched a full James Bond movie. Really, I had never watched one from beginning to end. And it was ok. Not a masterpiece, not a must-see, but enjoyable enough for an action film. Javier Bardem is scary in this.

So funny. I love such films, they are a sort of guilty pleasure that I feel no guilt about, I admit it.

Hot Shots

Apparently the one that I had always watched is the second part. This one was also funny, but I prefer the second part.

Amores perros 

Several dramatic stories of love and loss are linked together because of a car accident in Mexico City. While the way that the director ties all the threads together, somehow the individual stories lacked strenght because there should have been some more room for development, in my opinion. Or he could have removed the part with the model and her lover and left more space for the old man and his daughter. But if you want a well-written drama, this is for you.

Up in the air

Another drama about modern people and our daily problems with love and human relationships as the main focus. I was positively surprised.

Turn me on, dammit (Få meg på, for faen)

A Norwegian film about a teenage girl, Alma, who is discovering her sexuality and her body, and she is also in love with the class beau. One evening, at a party, he pokes her with his dick and she interprets this to be love, so she brags about it out loud in front of her classmates, but when he denies it everybody starts making fun of her and call her names and to ostracise her. However, that doesn't turn her off from her sexual fantasies. It has nothing to do with typical, commercial films about teenagers trying to lose it (here's looking at you, American Pie and similar stuff), but I liked it. I thought of showing it to my Health students, but it would have been a bit too strong for them. After this film, I want to learn Norwegian.

Les poupées russes

Five years after his Erasmus year in Barcelona, Xavier is trying to make ends meet working as a writer wherever they will pay him while also trying to figure out in which direction his love life is supposed to go. As much as I loved L'auberge espagnol, I've always preferred this second part and I'm very looking forward to watching the third part.

Pride and Prejudice (BBC version, 1995)

I started to read the book, couldn't take it anymore and decided to watch the BBC adaptation -yes, the one with Colin Firth- because I heard that it's almost identical to the book. And, from what I did read, it is pretty close. Thank goodness that I was born in the 20th century and my life doesn't revolve around whom I should marry.


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