Trip down memory lane

Dear twenty year-old me,

you're about to begin a period of your life during which you're going to do plenty of stupid things and make decisions that you'll have mixed feelings about when you are 25. Your life will change, yes, a lot. Within the next five years you're going to evolve at levels that right now you can't even imagine. You'll realize that all you dreamed of is possible although the way here will be rough. 

You will fall and you will get hurt, and you will do both quite a lot, but you will always stand up again and keep walking forward. Some days you will feel like giving up, some days certain wounds will itch more than they should - and you must learn not to scratch them. I know it's easier said than done and at 25 you'll still struggle with letting certain things -and people- go.

Dear twenty year-old me, be braver than I was at your age. Don't be afraid of change because in change is your future. Don't regret decisions that now sound stupid or selfish. Live, love, enjoy. What you're looking for will come.


Present-day me