Top Ten Tuesday - #6 Characters (and Literary Figures) That I'd Name My Children After

I don't expect to bring ten children to the world, but I do like to speculate about potential names I'd give my hypothetical children. If I had to choose them from books and/or literary figures, and not care about what the father has to say on this topic, these would be my choices. To make it fair, numbers 1 to 5 are girls' names and numbers 6 to 10, boys' names. I tried to keep it in alphabetical order.


#1 Aria (from Pretty Little Liars) or the variation Arya (from A Song of Ice and Fire). Aria means air in Italian and it's also reminiscent of arias in operas. I'm all for names that have a meaning. The variation Arya has a nice ring to it, I like the use of y instead of i. It has a more artistic flavour altogether.

#2 Eva (either from Eva Luna or from the Bible). This name means "life". Call me sentimental, but that's enough of a reason for me. 

#3 Hanna (either from Der Vorleser, or from Anna, Hanna och Johanna, or from Pretty Little Liars -take your pick-). Although the Hanna from Bernhard Schlink's The Reader (Der Vorleser in the original German version) and the Hanna from Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars have kind of horrible personalities and care way too much about what other people will think about them and because of that make poor decisions (especially the Hanna from The Reader), and that the Hanna from Marianne Fredriksson's Hanna's Daughters (Anna, Hanna och Johanna in the Swedish original) has a very difficult life, this variation of the typical and overused Anna is nice and closer to the Hebrew name (now that I mention it, I should also quote the Bible as one of the books where this name appears). I still like Anna, though. It's a tie, I guess?

#4 Lara (from Doctor Zhivago). No particular reason there. I like the name, it's short and international enough, and I don't know many of them so I guess it's not an overused name. Also, she has a very memorable theme song.

#5 Marina (either from State of Wonder or from Marina). It would be a sort of statement, like saying "this is obviously my daughter", my name being Mar and "marina" meaning "related to the sea". It would also be a bit confusing and unoriginal, but I like the name anyway.


#6 Gale (from The Hunger Games). I'm starting to see a pattern with names that have windy/air themes. A gale is a very strong kind of wind. Also, I really liked the character of Gale in The Hunger Games

#7 Jordi, like Jordi Sierra i Fabra or Saint George, on whose festivity International Book Day is celebrated (Jordi being the Catalan form of the name). The only problem is that my brother has strictly forbidden me to call any son of mine after him.

#8 Marcel (from Les veus del Pamano). I like names that start by "mar", in general (nothing to do that my name also starts with that syllable). Although that's not really what it means, in Catalan Marcel sounds like the combination of the words "mar" (sea) and "cel" (sky).
#9 Mark (from Bridget Jones's Diary or like author Mark Twain or any of the thousands of Marks out there, real or literary), or the variation Marc. However, similarly to Marina, it's a name I like but wouldn't really make the list of potential names because it sounds too similar to my own name. That's why we discarded it for my brother. It's a very mainstream name, though, and that takes points off.

#10 Ragnar (from Anna, Hanna och Johanna). Ragnar's was Hanna's illegitimate son in this novel, and it has a certain Norse mythology flavour.


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