Kate & Leonardo: "Titanic" and "Revolutionary Road"

I might have been the only straight female, back in 1997, who wasn't mad about Leonardo DiCaprio. However, I've seen most of his recent films (Gangs of New York, The Departed, Shutter Island and Inception), and I decided to get a DVD copy of Revolutionary Road for 5€, just to try.

And what has Revolutionary Road in common with Titanic? The main stars, of course. Actually, Revolutionary Road was marketed as "Rose and Jack, together again after 10 years", or something like that. Actually, it's easy to find fake trailers of a possible sequel to James Cameron's Titanic in Youtube, but Revolutionary Road has nothing to do with Titanic... does it?

Titanic (James Cameron, 1997)

April 10th, 1912. Jack Dawson, an Irish with no income, wins two tickets for the Titanic's maiden voyage at a poker gamble. Rose DeWitt Bukater also boards the transatlantic ship to marry a rich American businessman because of her family's debts. In spite of being of different social classes, after he saves her life when she is about to commit suicide, they fall in love. But a certain iceberg is on the way of the ship...

And that's the story, Romeo and Juliet on a sinking ship. However, what really shocked everybody and continues to amaze the audience today are the special effects. I don't know if they look even better on the 3D edit they released earlier this year (it's a happy coincidence that the movie's 15th anniversary is on the same year as the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic), but I think it's a good film, despite the factual mistakes and the cheesy love story.

Revolutionary Road (Sam Mendes, 2008)

Answering to my question on one of the paragraphs above: no, Revolutionary Road has nothing to do with Titanic except for the actors in the leading roles and Kathy Bates (is that woman in every American Oscar-nominated film?). Anyway, Revolutionary Road is the movie adaptation of the homonimous book by Richard Yates. It tells us the story of April and Frank Wheeler, a young couple that moves to a small suburb in Connecticut, more especifically to a beautiful house at the end of Revolutionary Road. It's the fifties: Frank works at an office in New York but he doesn't like his job; April wanted to be an actress but she gave up her dream to marry Frank and become a housewife and a mother.

Tired of living an unhappy and unsatisfactory life, the couple decide that they'll move to Paris with their two children, and April plans to find a job while Frank tries to figure out what his dream really was. However, few people approve of their plan, especially since they are regarded as an ideal, role-model couple, and an unexpected turn of events might try to sabotage their future happiness.

I watched this film right before I left for Austria and loved it because it's one of those films that get you thinking about your life and your dreams of living abroad and starting your life anew compared to the stability that you already have at home. I definetely recommend this film to all people who feel lost or have felt lost at some point in their lives.