New Year's Resolutions for 2012

Before we begin, let's see what were last year's resolutions, and I'll still use last year's system:

blue = "99% or 100% accomplished"
green = "well, kind of"
  red = "mission: impossible"
purple = "didn't even try".

  • Learn not to worry about things and people that are not worth being worried about. Come on, it's me we're talking about, here, so there is no human way I'll stop worrying about useless stuff or idiotic people that made me feel bad. Actually, certain Pea Princess made me cry out of rage and impotence in September. Yay you, happy now? Good, then fuck off and go live your miserable existence, but leave me out of it. Thank you.
  • Wake up when the alarm rings for the first time, not the fifth. My head does, my wake up after the first alarm, but it takes three different alarm clocks to get my body from under the duvet. It's too cold outside and 6AM is not a convenient time to wake up.
  • Make it on time. I don't miss the train anymore! However, there's still a 1% of impunctuality somewhere. But hey, it's a significant improvement!
  • Enjoy the little pleasures of life with people I love and more regularly. This includes last year's "go to the movies", "read, draw and write more", etc. Hmmm... I still read, but I don't really go to the movies or write nor draw that much. However, my life's a bit more relaxed since I've started to work, hence the green and not the red.
  • Seriously, I have to change my repertoire of car CDs. Well... for "repertoire" we should understand the CDs that are always there and happen to be mixes of random stuff (someday I'll have a radio with an USB port in my car but, as of now, it's an old thing with only CDs, it won't even play the MP3 format). However, the truth is I have heard other CDs in my car: old mixes I did in my teen years (with which I realized what a bad taste I had back then) or original CDs that I brought from home, but the idea was to burn some new CDs, and that I haven't done. Shame on me.

So, what are my resolutions for the last year of our existence (according to the Maya people)? I really haven't given it much thought, I think my life is fine as it is right now. Still, here's my list:

  1. Write more: finish the stories I make up, write more entries for my blog, continue my travelling diary.
  2. Sleep 8 hours at night on working days. Or at least 7, instead of 6.
  3. Stop procrastinating when there's a doctoral thesis in the making.
  4. Go to Japan.
  5. Stay true to myself. 
  6. What did we say, in 2010, about the Daniel Cleavers of the world?

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      (Hopefully by 2015 I'll have learned an eight language. Stay tuned!)


      jordi ha dit…
      de qui es tracta la princesa? Ö records desde barcelona ;) xddd
      Mar ha dit…
      és evident, ho saps perfectament i no ens cal anar amb hipocresies ;) xddd
      records des de Barcelona, encara no he marxat.
      Marta ha dit…
      Necessitava dir-ho... Jo ja tinc el 8è idioma :P
      Mar ha dit…
      és que no sé si començar italià, neerlandès o suec .___.