Mental notes

  • must control my tongue, especially during use of irony and/or sarcasm. Otherwise people don't get me.
  • must finish homework earlier
  • must get a Monatskarte before Monday catches me by surprise (again... stupid Mondays)
  • must sit somewhere far away from the screaming alto
  • (therefore) must lose fear of sitting on the first row
  • must try to remember learn my students' names
  • must stop doing internal rhymes and alliterations
  • must write down my excessive mental notes
  • must (still) learn to ignore certain things/comments/people
  • must remember that supermarkets in Austria close at 7:30PM, except on Saturdays (closing time is 6PM on Saturdays)
  • must remember to buy milk when I open the last carton, or before, not right after I've finished it and need a new one
  • must not despair because of fog and the fact that it's still dark when I wake up at 6AM and that it's already dark at 5PM

I guess I'll never get used to winter (although technically it's still autumn). At least it doesn't rain... yet. Let's hope that, when it does, it's already turned into snow. It's more Christmas-like, and the Christkindlmarkt is getting ready.

As a side note:
None of this wouldn't happen if you didn't have a little boy's smile. That's the conclusion I've come to after five months of research, ladies and gentlemen. I'll be such a great PhD student.