Random mussings

Happy New Chinese Year!
We're entering the year of the rabbit according to the Chinese horoscope.

Spanish administration sucks. There, I said it. Still one more month of waiting and waiting and more waiting... Also, only three more weeks of seminars and stuff. I have to find the ELE-teaching course. I thought the administrators at FTI were bad, but the ones at the Philosophy and Philology Faculty are worse. Strange as it may sound.

And off we go. Have to run to catch the bus

EDIT Feb 4th 2011: I consciously heard Justin Bieber for the first time. I say consciously because I had been proud of not having heard him before, but it turns out that I had, in the radio, without knowing that it was him. Until today I thought it was a she. Shame on you, Beliebers! (and learn to spell properly, even if it's a pun ¬¬)