Films I watched in 2010 (II)

Let's continue the list of films I watched in 2010, now taking a look at those I watched at home, mainly on DVD. There are many of them, so I'll divide it in two parts.


The sweetest thing (Roger Kumble)

Synopsis... Christina (Cameron Diaz) meets Mr. Right, but he leaves town and Christina and her friends go on a road trip to find him while she and her friends talk about their love and sex lives... and penis.

Opinion... I most sincerely think this movie was made for Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair to show their bellies, bums and boobs, and talk about sex and men, and men and sex. And for 15-year-olds to feel soooo mature that they talked about how it's "too big to fit in here". A forgettable movie with a very catchy song.

The Holiday (Nancy Meyers)

Synopsis... Heartbroken, Amanda, an American trailer-maker (Cameron Diaz) and Iris, a British journalist (Kate Winslet) exchange houses during the Christmas holiday. During these two weeks, the two of them will learn to find what had been missing in their lives, and also love.

Opinion... I watched this movie while I was sick during Christmas, so it was kind of appropiate, I guess. It's a sweet film, worth seeing not only because Jude Law is in it, but also because it has many cute moments that make you go "aaaw...". It's not the greatest film ever, but it's ok.

The Hangover (Todd Phillips)

Synopsis... Four friends go to Las Vegas because one of them is getting married and they want his last night as a bachellor to be a huge thing. But they wake up the next morning and can't remember anything and the groom has gone missing, they need to find out what happened the night before.

Opinion... My expectations on this movie when it first came out in the cinema were very low, but a certain person said that we had to watch it with this certain group of friends because it was SO funny! (Please note that I'm being sarcastic). My expectations rose, therefore I found the movie awfully bad and not funny. Maybe one or two scenes are funny, but it's a kind of humor that I don't enjoy: too physical, too obvious, for audiences with arguable intelligence. Also, I hate it when they involve babies in this kind of movies.

It could be that I didn't find it that funny because of two main factors: the obvious one, my risen expectations, and the dub. When this kind of films are translated, most of the puns are lost in translation (sorry), so I guess that didn't help either. Be as it may, I don't think it's that funny a movie, I've seen much better.

Flawless (Michael Radford)

Synopsis... Laura (Demi Moore) works for the London Diamond Corporation but although she is the only woman executive, she never gets a higher position in the company because of being a woman. A janitor, Mr Hobbs (Michael Cane) convinces her to help him steal some diamonds from the safeguard.

Opinion... I first saw this movie at the cinema, then again on TV and finally again on DVD (immediately after The sweetest thing, which is why I guess I slept well that night). It reminded me a little bit of a Sherlock Holmes story, but from the point of view of the criminals, and it's quite enjoyable. Not the best thriller ever, but it manages to capture your attention for an hour and a half.