New Year's Resolutions for 2011

Let's check last year's New Year's Resolutions list. The blue ones are the ones I accomplished. The ones in green mean "well, kind of". Red stands for "mission: impossible", and those left in black can be undestood as "didn't even try".

  • quit eating chocolate between meals
  • lose those extra kilos
  • go do any type of physical activity other than running to catch the bus
  • study German and Russian seriously
  • stop falling in love with Daniel-Cleaver-type of guys
  • stop giving into temptation everytime I go to a bookshop
  • save up enough money to travel
  • hand in my translations for Farrés on time
  • learn to walk properly on high heels and not break a leg
  • take certain things -and people- less seriously
  • take certain other things -and maybe even people- more seriously
  • change my repertoire of CDs for the car
  • keep my room tidy for at least one week (in which I'm supposed to be living in the room: this doesn't apply to days I'm away)
  • write and draw more
  • go to the movies more often, or at least watch the DVDs we have at home
  • finish my degree without getting my psychological health damaged in the process
  • find a new aim for after my graduation

I'm going to set myself only five goals for 2011:

  1. Learn not to worry about things and people that are not worth being worried about.
  2. Wake up when the alarm rings for the first time, not the fifth.
  3. Make it on time.
  4. Enjoy the little pleasures of life with people I love and more regularly. This includes last year's "go to the movies", "read, draw and write more", etc.
  5. Seriously, I have to change my repertoire of car CDs.

May 2011 bring you all a lot of love, luck and happiness, and less corny entries.