I love you Ewan McGregor

It's time to officially unreveal an open secret: I confess, I'm a huge fan of Ewan McGregor. I've seen most of his recent films (although a true fangirl would have watched EVERYTHING he has been on, I know -and he's been in an awful lot of movies... shame on me) ever since he played Christian, the "penniless writer" in Moulin Rouge. Funny, because the first film that I saw of him in a kind of important role was Star Wars - Episode I and I was too young, though (11 years old, tender age) to even notice Obi Wan -or anyone, for that matter- because I had a crush on a kid at school.

The last two films in which he starred and I've seen were Roman Polanski's The Ghost Writer and the recently released (at least in Spain, where all films arrive later, except for Twilight and other works of crap *facepalm*) I love you Phillip Morris. Off we go.

The Ghost Writer (Roman Polanski, 2010)

Great Britain's former Prime Minister Adam Lang is writing his memories. Not himself, but a ghostwriter on his behalf, but the ghostwriter appears mysteriously dead on a beach. Nobody knows if it was suicide or an accident. However, Lang decides then to hire a new ghostwriter, who has to start anew from the old, thousand-pages-long manuscript and slowly finds himself in the middle of accusing the ex-PM of allowing torture on suspected terrorists. But the more he learns, the less clear things seem to be. What does Lang hide? Why are his memories kept under such secrecy? Did the former ghostwriter really commit suicide or was it a murder because he had discovered too much?

I saw this one too long ago as to remember exact details of everything, but still I found it was a great movie. Both in the narrative and acting level. Polanski did a great job adapting Robert Harris's novel, The Ghost.

As in good thrillers, you don't really get to understand everything until the very end, just as the ghostwriter played by Ewan McGregor does. There is also some criticism to the actual former British PM, Tony Blair, and his politics for having taken part in the Iraq war back in 2003.

Now the real story is drawn by the characters. Pierce Brosnan (who should never again have a leading role in a musical, i.e. Mamma Mia!) renders a difficult to judge at first sight Prime Minister, considering the different portraits of him by different characters and the general opinion. Far more interesting characters, though, are the secondaries, such as Ruth, Lang's wife, who seems eternally jealous of Lang's efficient secretary Amelia, or other polititians and a certain demonstrator at Lang's door in his tiny US-island hideout.

Definetely a must-see to run away from shitty movies filled with lots of SFX and no real plot.

I love you Phillip Morris (2009)

Steven Jay Russell is a real person, so we could say that this film is more or less his biopic. However, most biopics I've seen (which aren't many, I must admit. Not my favorite genre) have tragic or melodramatic tendencies, while I love you Phillip Morris has lots of comedy. It had to, Jim Carrey starring as Russell!

The story behind Russell is that he was a respected member of American society, a married policeman and tradesman in Virginia... but he also had a secret: he was gay, and because of that he was fired from his job.

Unqualified, he started to make a living as a con artist: lying and winning people's trust so that he could make money. Illegally, that is. So he was sent to jail, but everytime he managed to escape somehow. During one of his "visits" in jail, he met Phillip Morris, another prisoner who also turned out to be gay, and so their complicated romance began.

As I said before, the movie has a lot of comic scenes, most of them caused by Jim Carrey's character, and himself. As audience, we get to know the story from his point of view and, inevitably, we somehow become accomplices for his crimes because we find ourselves supporting him and wanting him to be happy with his lover. Of course that's not the case with homophobics, but well. I love you Phillip Morris is quite an enjoyable comedy that I'd recommend you to see, even if you find a kiss between two men a gross thing (in that case, just close your eyes and open your mind!).