Oops, I did it again!

I don't quite know to what extent it's a guilty pleasure or simply masochism, but I've seen Eclipse. It wasn't as bad as I expected, even though that doesn't mean it was good. It was just ok, a Sunday afternoon film.

The story starts with Bella and Edward making wedding plans, but Jacob is jealous because he also loves Bella and doesn't want her to become a vampire and she only dreams of the bite that will make her immortal. Meanwhile, a revengeful vampire is creating an army of newly "born" vampires to kill Bella so that Edward suffers, and the Cullens and the werewolves make an alliance to fight Victoria and her army. Then the Volturi join the party because the army of vampires is too noisy and could make people realize what they really are, and also because Bella is not yet a vampire.

With that synopsis you expect two things: big fights and BLOOD (it's a movie about vampires, after all!). And that's what we get to see the least of! The only real battle happens towards the very end of the movie, and it's not precisely an epic fight. There was too much romance, too many words and too little action for what could have been a good film if they had cut some dialogues (which, in my opinion, were not as important as the actual facts happening all through the film).

The lead actor and actress, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, stayed as unexpressive as always... except for the glorious ten seconds when Edward actually changes his "I have constripation" face for something that reminds us of a smile. Then we have Jacob, who has quite a nice body, but for once Edward makes a point: doesn't that hot werewolf have a T-shirt? (Pun intended: fans and people who have seen the film will get it).

And finally we get to see the secondary characters in action. I must say that the Cullens are far more interesting than the main characters, and it's a shame that we don't see much of the werewolves because I'm sure they are also rounder characters. I've become a fan of Alice, Jasper and Rosalie, especially the latter. There should be a movie about her, not about stupid Bella.

Conclusion: don't waste your money for a cinema ticket unless you're a really hardcore fan. Download it or wait for it to be aired on TV and only watch if really bored. There was some actual action and some humour, so it wasn't like the emo-ish second part New Moon thing (which should not be watched under any circumstance!), but it's not the film of the year either.

I swear I do watch decent films every now and then...