The world is going crazy (a somewhat frivolous entry)

Maybe Catalan or Spanish would have been more appropiate languages for this entry, but I felt like writing in English... And it's a challenge for me to "translate" some cultural references into a language that is not familiar with them. You can't say that I write only in "minoritary languages"!

They called it "climate change". I say the world has gone completely nuts in the past months.

It snowed in Barcelona on Monday. The city normally collapses when it rains (which happens rarely, but this year it seems like I've brought the rain in from Saarbrücken): traffic lights stop working, public transport is affected, in some places electricity goes off... The typical. Only that this time it was Catalonia-wide (well, let's remark the fact that there are two Catalonias: Barcelona City and the rest of the territory), and we, as a Mediterranean country, are not ready for snow (pregui'n nota, senyor Hereu!), nor are our dearly beloved politicians. Therefore, today, Thursday, some towns up north still didn't have electricity and some roads were still cut because we don't have enough plows.

Then we have bullfighting declared as "national herritage". Yes, ladies and gentlemen. Tradition over the life of a beast who has nothing to do with it. And I'm not a vegetarian, so I won't argue that we shouldn't kill the animal in order to eat its meat afterwards. I'm saying I don't want that "my" culture (let's discuss that "my" later) is associated with the torture and murder of an animal. That applies to bullfighting in Spain or any other type of animal torture all over the globe.

Getting over the border of the imperial peninsula, apparently the axis of the Earth has been moved some centimeters after the earthquakes in Chile. Maybe that's why it's so cold these days. Now seriously: what's happening with earthquakes in South America lately is terrible, first Haiti and now Chile. What if the Mayans had been right and the world is seriously to end in 2012?

If that were really the case, we needn't worry. We still have them:

Aquí hi ha marro!!!

It's probably true: the end is coming.