Decisions and doubts

Next September, when a new studying year begins, I will be in the fourth year of my undegraduate studies, and maybe the last if I manage to squeeze seventy-something credits in my schedule (and pass them, actually).

But what next?

Staying in Barcelona and study that Audiovisual Translation master I've been looking forward to do ever since I put my two feet in the faculty building?

Going abroad again? If so, where to? Germany? United Kingdom? United States? Canada? Anywhere else?

I saw that Catalan is taught at Oxford University, and it's not the only place. Here in Saarbrücken they also have some Catalan courses.

Should I find a part-time job?

I want to see more of the world while that Disneyland tune rings in my head. It's a small, small world...


Ray ha dit…
recordo akesta atracció a DIsneyland Paris, es molt maca la veritat.
M'ha portat bons records.
Laura rus ha dit…
in the end i believe it's better not to think too much about such things. you just can stress yourself even more and in the end you'll have no clear answer...

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cirujialiteraria ha dit…
You have catalan studies in Durham too. Do you know where Durham is? It's a little village near Newcastle. I'm going abroad to Durham next year to study 3rd year of my Translation and Interpreting degree.

From what I can see, you've travelled a lot. How is that?