IF (exercici de condicionals)

If I won the lottery
I'd buy a nice appartment near Central Park,
a bohemian attic in Montmartre,
or one of those London flats seen in the movies.
A house at the Mediterranean,
preferrably in northern Costa Brava,
a fairytale house in the Schwarzwald region.

When I finish my degree
I want to study for a master,
to become an audiovisual translator,
and maybe a Doctor in Translation
(even though I'm not sure that that exists).
I might study Law
(of that I'm also not sure),
I could take my singing more seriously.

Hadn't I kissed you
I would have missed some of the sweetest moments of my life,
I wouldn't have learned all I learned at your side,
I might have got lost in Wonderland.
I would have suffered for other reasons,
I could have cried a little less,
I wouldn't be who I am today.


Laura rus ha dit…
Hi ha coses que creuràs més encertades i altres que no, però mai, mai no t'has d'arrepentir de res. ;)

Paraula de confirmació: hirries
Ray ha dit…
una reflexio molt interessant; m'alegra saber ke segueixes sent tu mateixa, i sobretot kets feliç fent el ke tagrada. Petons.