dimecres, 4 de juny de 2008

Staircase to your heart

There I was. Sitting on your staircase. Unable to move after hearing your slamming of the door. Crying. Waiting for you to think it over and come after me.
Of course you didn't. Your pride wouldn't let you. You don't go running after silly girls who cry sitting on a staircase. Even less if silly girls blame you of everything that happened.
If my pride had been present that day, maybe I would have continued going down the stairs. I might have crossed the street. I wouldn't have cried. I wouldn't have felt guilty.
But there I was. Crying on your staircase. Feeling guilty and stupid. Waiting for you to come running after me. Expecting you to say that everything was all right and there was no need to worry. Hoping you'd come to embrace me and hurry tears away with a kiss. Dreaming that you'd open the door once more and you'd finally let me in.

i ara, potser que estudiem una mica i deixem anar tota la inspiració als treballs de la uni, no?

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Martí ha dit...

We are like roses that have never bothered to bloom
when we should have bloomed
and it is as if
the sun has become disgusted with
(Charles Bukowski)

Kevin ha dit...

Basat en fets reals i autobiogràfics? :-P

Això, deixa la inspiració per la uni, que és el que et fa aprovar!

nerina ha dit...

aquest cop sí, i és una cosa que va passar fa molt de temps i encara torna de tant en tant. no sé per què em deu costar tant oblidar.

Maecea ha dit...

pooooooos... oblida!! oblida!! oblida!! kuan torni farem sesio d'imnosi, ok?? sobretot pq en se taaaaaan xDD i va, risoterapia tb, k sempre va b jujuju


PD: la primera frase m'ha recordat a... confessions on a staircase jojojo

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